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Mallock History in motorsport.

 The remarkable dynasty of Mallock in motorsport began in 1936 when Arthur Mallock (1918 – 1993) started building his first competition car.

 Arthur Mallock was regarded as one of the great pioneers of post-war motor racing. His engineering passion, competitive spirit and original thinking ensured that the key principles of simplicity, low cost, low weight, chassis stiffness and suspension geometry were prioritised over aesthetics and following the lead of others.

 Over the course of the next 20 years, Arthur developed ever more ingenious ways of extracting performance from his cars over a range of motorsport disciplines, including trials, hillclimbs, sportscar and single-seater racing. In 1958 he designed and built his first chassis for sale – the U2 Mk1. U2s of various marques and guises provided hundreds of people with the opportunity to go racing, whilst learning about the engineering and dynamics involved in race car competition. And so the Mallock racing dynasty began.

 Many motorsport luminaries used U2s in their early careers, including Harvey Postlethwaite, former chief designer at Tyrell and Ferrari; Max Mosley, former president of the FIA, and Patrick Head, co-founder and engineering director at Williams F1.

Mallock cars have provided a backbone to UK club motorsport since the early 1960’s particularly in Clubmans formula, F1300 & Speed Hill climbing. Now Clubmans racing in particular provides one of the best value for performance categories in motorsport today.  

 Arthur passed away in late 1993 at which point eldest son Richard took over the business which he, his wife Sue and Arthurs Grandson Charlie run today, continuing to provide club racing competitors with the original & best of Mallock customer support.

 Arthurs younger son Ray set up his own motorsports business, RML in 1984 concentrating on Manufacturer motorsport programs particularly at Le Mans and in touring cars with BTCC & WTCC. Arthurs youngest grandson Michael now runs RML and as well as motorsport, has taken the business into high performance automotive and EV.

 Arthur, Richard & Michael all won UK Championships in Mallock cars.

 2018 was a very proud moment for the Mallock family as they celebrated 60 amazing years of designing, developing and building customer race and high-performance road cars. Few organisations can match this outstanding heritage.

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